Kyahn Williamson

Group Head, Investor & Corporate Communication, Australia


As Group Head of Corporate and Investor Communication I help companies define their purpose, build a compelling narrative and create opportunities for brands to connect with their stakeholders on multiple levels. I work with a highly driven and talented team to bring this to life across many channels.  

With experience working with large corporations and emerging, fast-growth companies, across the full spectrum of corporate communication and investor relations I design and implement communication campaigns that are closely aligned to business objectives, that are mindful of the potential risk factors a business needs to consider as it frames its story, and executed with a passion and drive to deliver results.  

Over the past 14 years I’ve worked across a range of financial services, funds management, healthcare and technology sectors, and multiple IPOs and M&A transactions.   


I have the privilege of working with companies and people who are changing the world. Effective communication can ensure their story is heard, understood and it can drive meaningful and tangible outcomes.

As a communicator and consultant, I thrive on building close client relationships and being an extension of team as we work together to achieve a common goal.   

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