Libby Woolnough Purpose

Head of Corporate Affairs

Libby has close to 20 years’ experience building and protecting reputation and brands to have a positive influence on profitability and growth. Her diverse experience across industries and issues has fostered a deep understanding that reputation, purpose, and growth are inter-dependent. Above all else, Libby is a story-teller and is passionate about ensuring brands frequently and consistently share the stories that demonstrably prove the impact of their purpose, because virtue signaling is no longer enough to engage employees, consumers, shareholders, and all stakeholders.

Point of view

The need to clarify and articulate a company’s purpose is not a new concept. However, changing expectations from consumers, shareholders, and employees has accelerated a move towards businesses needing to not only articulate their purpose but to also demonstrate it. The need for purpose hasn’t changed, what’s changed is the context and demand for increased transparency and authenticity from brands and corporates.

Whilst navigating the challenging times the world has faced throughout 2020, leaders have been exposed as ‘more human’, employees’ expectations of their employer have altered, and external stakeholders including shareholders and consumers are demanding more transparency and social integrity from organisations.

How a company demonstrates the impact of their purpose – their reason for being beyond profit – will differ slightly across borders, markets, and stakeholder groups. The need for authenticity and transparency will not.


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Libby has worked for global consultancy firms in the investment, retirement and talent sectors, government business enterprises and creative agencies, which has fostered a deep understanding of stakeholder management both inside and outside an organisation. Libby has skills and extensive experience in:

  • Corporate reputation management
  • Media management
  • Media training and spokesperson coaching
  • Issues Management
  • Corporate and Public Affairs
  • Stakeholder engagement


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