Liz Hebditch

Senior Account Director

Specialising in health and sustainability communications, Liz is an advocate for people and brands connecting to their purpose. Leading WE’s pro-bono consultancy over the last three years has been a career highlight for Liz. The successful campaign has driven participation from 2 million to 326 million people worldwide and aims to avoid 1 billion kg of plastic waste annually.

Point of view

Our relationship with companies continues to change. Having started with a transactional product focus, we have seen brands and companies personify themselves and own their corporate identity to speak directly to customers. Now they are agents of societal change. Together forming deeper alliances with customers - and maybe even competitors - to change the world around them for the better.  

The issues facing our society - climate disasters, polarized views, economic uncertainty – can’t be viewed as minefields to avoid but instead new ways of connecting to stakeholders in a meaningful way.

People are looking for sustainable, inclusive, regenerative, technological and health-conscious approaches to business. Start-ups, not-for-profits, mid-size to global corporations are expected to play their part. However, to do this authentically you need to have your purpose and values clearly defined.

Purpose is the lens in which your business decisions are made. It enables you to be part of the right conversations, to acknowledge the issues that matter to your employees and customers, to bring together the appropriate thought leaders and create the best services and platforms to help people to do the right thing.

Put simply, your purpose is your license to being authentic. And being authentic is the only way any brand and company will be successful in navigating the bumpy road of 2021 and beyond.


Liz has worked with clients across the pharma, biotech, not-for-profit and care sectors to deliver strategic product launches, disease awareness and thought leadership in a highly regulated but emotive space. Liz has experience in:

  • Media management & relations
  • Medical education & stakeholder engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • Corporate reputation management



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