Rebecca Wilson

Executive Vice President, Singapore and Australia

With over 25 years of stakeholder communications’ experience, Rebecca Wilson leads Corporate Reputation & Brand Purpose in WE’s international markets. With a deep history in corporate affairs Rebecca is a passionate leader working with brands to define or refine their path to purpose and how it relates to their staff, customers, and other stakeholders. She strongly believes that leading with purpose and business success are mutually inclusive and can be balanced both in prosperity and hardship.

Point of view

There’s an unmatched urgency around Purpose leadership and we’ve reached an inflection point for defining the role of businesses in society. It’s no longer sufficient for brands and corporations to focus on maximizing profit at the expense of social good. Organisations need to walk the purpose tightrope and must balance purpose with the rhythm of business during calm and rough seas. Brands have been forced to find new ways of doing business entirely virtually and the question is what does the future look like? It’s a question we can’t yet answer but what we do know is it will be different from the past.

There is a renewed focus on employee engagement and internal communications and in many respects inside is the new outside in how we consider purpose. Brands are (or need to) rethinking employee engagement with flexible and remote working no longer a perk but the norm.  The future of the workforce has been accelerated exponentially.

And there is a spotlight on initiatives to support diversity and inclusion, social good, and creating an environment where employees can think beyond the mechanics of doing their job to how they can use their skills and their passion to influence society positively.

Purpose is here to stay. Consumers want it. Employees want it. Increasingly, shareholders want it. Leaders can no longer just give lip service to purpose—they must lead with it. But, it must be authentic and anchor to the core values of a brand. The universality of purpose across all business functions and decisions ensures Purpose has a permanent seat at the boardroom table.


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Rebecca is an industry agnostic leader with experience working within the technology, health, life science, professional services, and consumer brand sectors with significant experience in:

  • Issues and crisis management
  • Public Affairs
  • Purpose and Social Impact
  • Internal communication
  • Corporate and Public Affairs
  • Investor Relations, Governance, Corporate Advisory and Financial Communication



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