Tanya Shoemaker

Director, Brand Strategy

Tanya heads up Brand Strategy for WE Australia. She lives and breathes brand purpose and identity. Helping clients navigate rebrands, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, market localisation and transformational change.

With over 10 years agency experience, she has worked closely with executives across major Australian and North American clients including Adobe, HP, KPMG, Bayer, eBay, Colgate-Palmolive, Mastercard, Novo Nordisk and Home Depot. Building brand culture and creating content that converts.

Tanya believes strongly in the power of brands to lead social, environmental and geo-political change in the world. She is working on a multidimensional model to measure the value of purpose on an organisation’s financial performance, brand culture and impact on society as a whole - measuring what matters.

Point of View

The boundaries are blurring between technology and humans, changing the dynamics between people and organisations. Business leaders face unprecedented complexity and constant disruption.

Brands are increasingly adopting human traits. They now have their own ideas, points of view and voices. Their own existential complexities. They are coming of age and self-actualising through the digitisation and democratisation of society, moving and evolving with the culture around them. Brands are scaling faster than ever before - gaining more geopolitical power, more cultural responsibility - and more fragility.

As brand personalities become more real, customers want to understand what they believe and where they stand on issues. Emotional intelligence is key.

It begins with purpose, but ultimately comes down to vulnerability and connection. Through the evolution of social algorithms, we now engage with brands the same way we do with our own friends and family. Brands need to re-examine their relationships - embracing authenticity and making a positive impact on individual lives, and the world they live in.

Brand purpose is no longer a mantra, it’s a qualifiable way of engaging and motivating an otherwise uninterested audience.



Tanya has worked with both Fortune 500 and scale-up clients to bring strategic business objectives to life in powerful brand experiences. She leads all aspects of brand strategy from market audits to brand workshops, persona mapping to measurement.

  • Brand & Digital Audits
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Purpose & EVP
  • Value Proposition & Key Messaging
  • Audience Journey Mapping
  • UX/UI
  • Brand Measurement Frameworks


Email: tshoemaker@we-worldwide.com


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