Why balance is better for business


This year there's a big focus in the business community on diversity and inclusion - and we love it. 

Gender balance initiatives like improving corporate culture, recruiting, quotas and flexible working aren't for the benefits of women alone. Equality and inclusion benefits us all. The perspectives and ideas diversity brings improves our workplaces and improves our work.

Balance to us means lifting one another up, standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with our colleagues — that’s a big step in the right direction. Collective action and shared responsibility are crucial to driving genuine, structural change.

We're not alone in these views. We’re proud to work with brands and leaders who recognise this and are advocating for gender equity in their respective companies and industries. We sat down with some leaders this week across marketing, superannuation, healthcare and finance to find out exactly what #BalanceForBetter means to them.  

Allison Dellow, Financial Advisor – Hewison Private Wealth

‘Different perspectives and experiences. Each of us – women and men – have something different to offer from the way we think, our life experiences and our emotional intelligence. The best outcomes are built on variety, collaboration and most importantly challenging each other to achieve the same goal.

‘The essence of financial planning is about building relationships. It’s only natural that we find common ground and connect with different people. Celebrating our differences and using them to be better people would lead us to a more equitable and inclusive society.’

 Kate Quirke, Group Managing Director – Alcidion Group

 ‘Gender balance is important in any industry. When we have a diversity of opinion and approach we ultimately gain better outcomes.

‘A successful business will provide an environment that is attractive to all by: providing a flexible working environment; respecting an individuals’ ability and need to manage family and life with work deliverables; and respecting that there are many ways to meet expected outcomes without working at the desk 9am – 5pm.

‘When the voices at the table in a business reflect those of our customers, we actually improve customer satisfaction and therefore our business outcomes.’

 David Coupland, Strategy and Creative Director - WE Buchan

 Throughout my career, I feel privileged to have worked in environments that are female-led. I can say with confidence that the most impressive, intelligent and creative colleagues I have ever worked with were all women.

 ‘But what is absolutely clear is that innovation, disruption and creativity are the direct result of the diversity of thinking. I’m not interested to come into work each day and hear what my echo-chamber thinks. If we give opportunity to voices that often go unheard, the work we do together becomes better and better.’

Laura Wright, CEO - NGS Super

‘Balance is crucial if we want to continue the strides that we have made for gender equality in the industry. As business leaders calling on governments and business to do more to help women achieve balance, it’s important that you also lead by example.’

Melissa Waggener Zorkin, CEO and President – WE Worldwide

‘As the Founder and the CEO of a company where 72 per cent of the employees are women, I feel a special responsibility to make sure our offices function fairly and equitably. WE’s pay for performance philosophy ensures that we make compensation decisions based on performance, not gender, age, or race.

‘We try to be thoughtful about elevating women’s voices as powerfully and as often as we elevate men’s — especially important in our industry, where agencies are overwhelmingly staffed by women but often led by men. We don’t do these things for the benefit of women alone. We do these things because we know that equality and inclusion benefit us all.’