What's in a name?

Bolton Clarke

What's in a name

We united two iconic aged care brands.


When aged care providers RSL Care and RDNS merged in 2015, there was limited internal communication and few noticeable changes to the business. As a result of this and the strong heritage of both organisations, staff remained loyal to their original iconic employer-brand.

So when RSL Care + RDNS decided to rebrand, the business needed to not only let staff know about the change, they needed them to embrace it.

The problem? The 6,500 employees were located in multiple locations with no single channel to reach them all effectively.


We needed to reach every employee in the lead up to the new brand launch, to educate them about the rationale for the new name and the future of the united business.

With no single channel to reach staff, and employees spread across multiple locations with the majority being ‘mobile’ workers, we worked with our agency partners, Rumble and Romeo, to create a content hub dedicated to the rebrand. The aim was to regularly drive employees to this bespoke site, encouraging them to engage with new and creative content.

The “What’s in a name?” microsite was launched five months out from the brand reveal. The content on the site acknowledged the organisations collective 200-year past, celebrated the people who make it what it is today and set the foundation for the story of the business’ future. This content was also leveraged across other internal communication channels for maximum reach and impact.

Using a series of creative executions promoted to staff via text messages, on-site posters and eDMs, we ensured employees kept coming back to the site – to learn more about the business, understand the brand values and even to order the new wardrobe. 

The final reveal told employees the story behind the new name – Bolton Clarke – a name that pays homage to important leaders from RSL Care (William Bolton) and RDNS (Lady Janet Clarke), whose values shaped and continue to drive the purpose of the organisation today.


We achieved our goal of engaging, educating and exciting staff not just at the brand launch but in the lead up to the reveal.

  • Microsite engagement: 
    • By launch month: 8,728 unique visits, 14,170 engagements overall across mobile, desktop, laptop
    • 43% return visitors overall
    • Average three pages viewed and 3:45mins on site/session
  • Employee participation:
    • 3000+ ‘view and try’ uniform sessions across 20 locations
    • >90% eligible employees ordered a new uniform prior to launch via the microsite
    • ~20 employees used as case studies/contributing to content
    • 100% of managers attended rebrand webinar (across three sessions)
  • Positive feedback received from staff on the new brand and new uniform

“I would like to advise I love our new name. The story behind it is wonderful. I have come over from RDNS…I look forward to a long career with Bolton Clarke.”