In today’s ever-changing media ecosystem, building a great product or service is no longer enough. Brands need to stand up to stand out by demonstrating bold leadership on the social issues the public cares about deeply.

WE partnered with Quartz Insights to learn what management and C-suite leaders think about brand purpose, bold leadership on today’s most important issues, and how brands can best tell stories about positive social impact.

The research covers:

  • How and why brands can be part of the solution to the world’s greatest challenges
  • What qualities make a strong purpose leader
  • How to build a purpose that endures
  • Why brand purpose will only become more critical to brand survival

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There is an unmatched urgency around purpose leadership

Research Highlights

77%  of purpose leaders agree that brands have a moral obligation to engage with a societal issue when it impacts their business
“It will always come home to roost if your company is not living those values.”
More than half of purpose leaders say purpose doesn't have to start from the top – purpose can be a grass roots initiative
"we're at a tipping point." Elizabeth Ricardo
Top 3 Issues purpose leadership should address in 2019: Environment, Equality, Politics
“One measure of success is how you empower your employees.”

Building a purpose that endures

Key findings point to a playbook on how to effectively build and execute your brand’s purpose strategy.

Target icon

Define your purpose

Identify the core strengths of your original business mission.

Draw a brand purpose from this foundation.


Dialogue icon

Dialogue with your stakeholders

Convey that what you stand for connects to your customers’ needs and values.

Build an exchange with local communities, including your employees.


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Align story and action

Align communications and action in service of your brand purpose.

Adapt your communication style to address changing societal issues and needs.


Activate icon

Activate and build a movement

Deploy your brand purpose at relevant, necessary moments.

Evaluate purpose strategy at key milestones to ensure it has lasting impact.


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