Allianz Australia | Spotlight Your Sparkle


As a leading home insurance provider, Allianz was looking to connect with its customers at a time where the family home truly come alive: Christmas. 

Christmas light displays are a hugely popular way to celebrate in Australia and presented a unique opportunity to engage with Aussie homeowners. WE set about taking ownership of this beloved Australian pastime and positioning Allianz as not only understanding how Australians celebrate Christmas but owning the sense of community Christmas lights evoke in their neighbourhoods.



Introducing, the 'Allianz: Spotlight your Sparkle Competition’ – the first-ever nationwide search for the best Aussie festive light displays, entirely owned by Allianz Australia. Launching in 5x states across the country, the integrated campaign provided a series of engaging content by utilising the competition announcement, judging panel and shortlisted/winning neighbourhoods as case studies. Mass awareness spanned both earned and owned channels (social & Allianz website) and was supported by: 

  • Nationwide media partnership w/ News Corp to garner local entrants from participating states 
  • Social content & earned media partnership with campaign ambassador & judge: Jamie Durie
  • Content of shortlisted and winning entrants for Allianz owned social channels & website
  • The competition and its integrated partners in turn demonstrated Allianz's support of a great Australian home tradition & of the communities who celebrate it. 



The competition launch efforts results in:

  • 300 total pieces of coverage, including the News Corp partnership
  • 186 total pieces of earned coverage, outside the News Corp partnership
  • 85,745,783 opportunities to see
  • 114 pieces of broadcast coverage
  • Integrated content across Allianz owned channels, alongside content on campaign ambassador Jamie Durie's social pages, resulting in 18K reach and 6% engagement



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