Guide Dogs NSW/ACT | 2019 Tax Appeal


Guide Dogs NSW/ ACT needed to be in the consideration set of Australians looking to make a tax-deductible donation before the July tax season in 2019. However, before doing so, Guide Dogs NSW needed support in sharply increasing awareness in two key areas;

  • Highlight sight loss as an urgent problem that will affect over half a million Australian’s by 2020
  • Position Guide Dogs NSW/ ACT as the market leader in supporting Australians living with sight loss, because of its broad range of services


WE set about launching a four-pillar communications strategy, designed to educate, engage and encourage Australians to donate:

  1. Telling Untold Stories: Sourced impactful Guide Dogs NSW/ ACT client case studies to bring to life to devastating effects of sight loss from a deeply personal point of view.
  2. Powerful yet Tangible Insights: Curated unique context from the Guide Dogs NSW/ ACT, CEO and an external Australian Psychologist - to provide insight into what services and support people with sight loss need to prevent the emotional and mental effects of their condition.
  3. Quantified the Qualitative: Conducted a nationally representative survey of Guide Dogs NSW/ ACT clients who have experienced sight loss, to quantify the alarming trends in emotions and behaviours they experience before seeking support.
  4. Influencer Voice: Commissioned influencer case study to share his personal family experience with sight loss via high reaching social platforms, expanding our audiences and social reach.


The social and earned campaign activation generated cross-channel awareness of the problem and drove nationwide donations. Results include;

  • 272 pieces of coverage across online/ print national news, broadcast and radio – up by 400% from the 2018 campaign
  • 53,480,754 opportunities to see
  • Landed 100% of key messages, generating a 100% positive brand sentiment
  • First-time influencer engagement activity saw a total reach of 20,811 and total engagement (post likes and comments) of 6,911



Media Relations • Influencer Management