Jenny Craig | Jelena Dokic Ambassador Launch


Jenny Craig was in search of a brand-new face to help communicate its unique proposition in providing a truly supportive approach to weight loss and highlight its new Rapid Results program.



After taking some time away from the court, Jelena was looking to embark on an incredible 31kg weight loss goal and set herself up with the skills to keep it off. To build community investment and support throughout her year-long journey, WE divided the integrated campaign into three phases: 

  1. Launch: Announcing Jelena as Jenny Craig’s newest ambassador in ANZ & crucially, using Jelena’s personal story to communicate why Jenny is the right, supportive partner to achieve her goal
  2. Half-way point: A check-in moment to showcase how far Jelena had come thanks to the Jenny Craig Rapid Results program & the support of her consultant

Reveal: Via a top tier mainstream target exclusive sell-in, WE announced Jelena’s weight loss ‘reveal’ - purposefully timed to align with the New Year, a key moment Australians are looking to shed some extra kilos. Metro TVCs and supporting social content on Jelena’s channels saw an increase in new members for Jenny Craig’s busiest week of the year.



The integrated campaign delivered a host of multi-channel assets that saw an uptick in national awareness of the Jenny Craig Rapid Results and member sign-ups.

Collectively, across all phases of the campaign, WE achieved:

  • 115 media stories across print, online and broadcast
  • Over 82 million opportunities to see
  • 100% key message penetration
  • Over 55,000 social engagements across Jenny Craig and Jelena owned channels



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